Updates: 登山讀書會 Climbing Reading Club

<登山讀書會>眾籌成功達標已有 2 個月,期間香港發生的事令人心傷,亦無可避免地影響到計劃進度。眾多印刷商及出版社皆不敢再處理與社會議題相關書籍,令我們要另行尋找印刷商。至於Figures方面,經過我們與廠商多次溝通,終於解決了多種上色及模具形狀的問題,進入了生產最後階段。

關於<登山讀書會> Figures:雖然進度滯後,但根據最新情況應該可以在 8 月收貨,我們收到Figures後會立即開始出貨。

關於<登山讀書會> Bookset:近月蘋果日報被打壓至停業,令很多廠家不敢太高調行事;加上臨近書展,中聯辦下屬三中商代表近幾個月頻繁“巡視”廠家,令廠家暫時不敢接單。同時我們已準備好所有圖稿和完成排版,只剩需要印刷廠參與才能展開的少量設計程序。我們已採取措施希望儘快開始印刷,包括聯繫其他本地印刷商和出版商,並正在尋找海外印刷商。

香港不再是我們熟悉的香港,或者您與團隊一樣感到焦急無奈。我們正在盡最大努力推進生產進度,在此其間懇請您耐心等待;如有任何疑問,請隨時透過 Facebook/Instagram message,或發送電子郵件至 cs@ladylibertyhongkong.com 聯絡我們。

為了要對抗已經實施的洗腦教育,為 612 人道支援基金籌集資金,並建立全球黃店網絡,<登山讀書會>將會是團隊日後主要計劃;所以儘管面臨著重重困難,我們會堅持不放棄,直至實現計劃為止。


It has been 2 months since our Climbing Reading Club (CRC) campaign reached its goal. What happened in Hong Kong during this period was heartbreaking and inevitably affected our production schedule. A Lot of local printers and publishers are afraid of taking on projects of sensitive or political nature, leaving us no options but to change our plans. As for the figures, we have solved colouring and moulding issues through an elaborate joint effort with the manufacturer, and have entered the final phase of production.

For CRC Figures: Though there were delays, our team was told to expect product delivery in August, and we will immediately begin to fulfill orders upon receiving the figures.

For CRC Book set: Since Apple Daily was forced to cease operation, a lot of manufactures are worried about being “too high profile.” Couple with the fact during the months leading up to HK Book Fair, representatives from Joint Publishing (三聯書店), Chung Hwa Books (中華書局) and Commercial Press(商務印書館), all of which are affiliated to Hong Kong Liaison Office (中聯辦), would frequently “visit” manufacturers, causing a lot of manufacturers to avoid taking on “sensitive” orders for the time being. However, all production files and most of the design are completed, and all remaining design processes must be done in collaboration with a commercial printer. Our team has taken measures to begin production ASAP, including contacting other local printers and publishers, and are searching for printers overseas.

This is no longer the Hong Kong we used to call home, and our team is as frustrated as you are. We are doing our best to make progress, in the meantime we humbly ask for your patience; should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact us via Facebook/ Instagram messages, or email us via cs@ladylibertyhongkong.com.

To combat the brainwashing education already put in place, to raise funds for 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund and build a global network of Pro-democracy shops, CRC is the flagship project of our team; no matter the challenges ahead, we will not give up until the project is realised.

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