"Blossom Everywhere"

藝術家:Mei Yuk Wong
物料:paper, almonds, glass jar
呎吋:12cm x 12cm x 23.5 cm

“Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times”has been an important slogan of the Hong Kong democratic movement in recent years. The idea of activism is not just happening in Hong Kong, it’s already spreading out across the world, anywhere you can see Hongkongers.

The paper flowers were made over ten years ago during an art therapy course, which was my career’s turning point. It was a way for me to express the beauty of life. The almonds were soup ingredients that my sister sent me from Hong Kong. It’s a way of showing her love to me. I combined the two elements and created this new piece of work dedicated to Hong Kong and Hongkongers, wherever they are.

Liberate Hong Kong
Revolution of Our Times
Blossom Everywhere