"Invisible Familiarity"

藝術家:Polam Chan
物料:Pine, canvas, pigment, plaster, cement, glass & prints
呎吋:120cm x 120cm x 100cm

Invisible Familiarity is a work inspired by the conflicts and destruction occurring in the world today. We constantly consume media portraying war and oppression, but due to the overwhelming volume of information, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to grasp the full scope of these situations. These photos are from Israel – Palestine, Syria, Ukraine. The purpose of this work is to bridge our connection to these events and encourage people to gain a deeper understanding, fostering greater care and empathy.

願榮光歸 holds a special significance for Hong Kongers; it embodies an ideology and energy. The spirit may have been battered by the government and security laws, but we must continue to believe that Hong Kongers will always hold the same ideals and desires to stand up for Hong Kong when the time is critical.

I chose this artwork to represent this energy because it is spreading, and we are not alone in the world. Those around us may also have similar or even worse experiences. The fight for Hong Kong is no longer just about Hong Kong; we must unite to combat injustice and fight for peace, whether it’s in Hong Kong, Ukraine, or anywhere else in the world.