Where She Goes Freedom Follows

Embodying the spirit and resilience of Hongkongers, Lady Liberty HK stands as a beacon of hope in turbulent times. We believe that the quest for liberty is not merely granted—it is earned through collective action, determination, and the power of individual choices. 

  1. Unite & Empower: Foster a globally connected yet close-knit community of Hongkongers, amplifying our influence on the international democratic stage.
  2. Share Our Stories: Counteract official narratives by spotlighting the genuine voices and poignant tales from the heart of Hong Kong.
  3. Champion the Hong Kong Spirit: Celebrate the compassion, fortitude, and egalitarianism that define our community, inspiring a brighter future for all.

Journey with us as we advocate for a free and flourishing Hong Kong, craft our own narratives, and reignite the spirit of resistance in every Hongkonger, near and far.

Advocacy Campaigns
Advocacy Campaigns