HONG KONG WEEK 2023 – University of Tokyo



Tokyo, Japan

Hong Kong Week 2023 Exhibition: Discovering the Realities of Hong Kong

Organized by: The University of Tokyo’s “Project for the Capacity Building and Regional Solidarity of Human Rights Defenders”

Every day during the exhibition period, over a hundred people visited the HK WEEK art showcase. Not just the locals, but a significant number of attendees from Mainland China expressed their keen interest in the situation in Hong Kong. Many shared that, despite the lack of space to express themselves, they still actively attend events advocating for democracy and freedom, shedding light on the true happenings in Hong Kong to their peers.

We are immensely grateful to the organizers of #hkweekjp for their relentless efforts in coordinating a series of events, showcasing artworks from a myriad of artists and taking the opportunity to dispel the myths propagated by the Hong Kong authorities regarding the National Security Law’s impact on freedom of speech.

The prowess of Hong Kong’s art scene is undeniable. Even under political oppression, it continues to flourish and grow exponentially.