▲ Competition Background

We believe in the power of creativity to transform the world. Lady Liberty HK, in collaboration with the Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance, has taken the initiative to launch the inaugural Hong Kong Liberty Art Prize competition. Our mission is to embolden artists in Hong Kong and across the globe to utilize their craft as a platform for expressing their perspectives on the prevailing circumstances, and to broadcast their voices and messages worldwide. This competition unites daring artists who are unafraid to question and challenge the established systems. It marks an unprecedented effort by the people of Hong Kong, signifying a milestone in our collective journey.

The purpose of this competition is to protect and promote the unique culture and spirit of Hong Kong through art. Unlike the propaganda of the government-controlled media, we believe that art can break through political and national differences and move people’s hearts. This competition allows Hong Kong artists to gain global recognition, and at the same time, enhance the confidence in local democratic movements. In addition, this competition is a response to the Hong Kong government’s intention to suppress artistic and cultural creation. We hope to express through continuous creation that even under pressure, our voices cannot be blocked, and the tenacity and innovative spirit of Hong Kong people will not disappear because of this.

This competition has five categories: 1) two-dimensional works, 2) three-dimensional works, 3) photography, 4) video or multimedia works, and 5) creative literature. We believe that diverse forms of creation can more comprehensively express the views and feelings of Hong Kong people. The competition will select three winners in each category through public online voting, allowing more people to participate and pay attention to this event.

▲ Theme

The theme of the first Hong Kong Liberty Art Prize is “Glory To…”. According to the original songwriter Thomas, the phrase “Glory be to thee, Hong Kong” carries the hope for the future, implying that Hong Kong can return to a glorious and honored city, and it also wants to express that Hong Kong people are willing to attribute their personal glory and honor to Hong Kong. It has been four years since the anti-extradition movement in Hong Kong, and the civil society and the rule of law system have been almost uprooted. Although the will of social resistance seems to have disappeared, people in Hong Kong are scattered, but in reality, everyone is still moving forward in the mist, each person has their own revolution. Today, when the word “Hong Kong” has almost become a sensitive word, what does “Glory To…” symbolize to you?

▲ Eligibility for Submission

Anyone can submit works, but the works must be created in 2023 or later. The medium of the work must be categorized as two-dimensional, three-dimensional, photographic, video, or literature. Works can be submitted independently or as a series, but each group of works is limited to 10 images. The length of video works is limited to 10 minutes or less. Written works are limited to 5,000 Chinese characters or 3,000 English words or less.

▲ Submission

Social Media Submission
Participants can post their work on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, hashtag “#libertyprize23“, and tag “hkladyliberty”. Please introduce the work in Chinese or English briefly in the post, and indicate the title and date of creation.

Email Submission
Participants can email the photos or video files (or links) of the work, along with the introduction of the work and the date of creation, to libertyprize23@proton.me. Artists can choose to participate under their real name or a pseudonym.

▲ Winning Works Selection

All works will be selected by members of the jury, and five nominated works will be selected in each category. We will publicly announce all nominated works on Lady Liberty HK’s social media, and the three works with the most social media likes will become the champions, runners-up, and second runners-up of the Hong Kong Liberty Art Prize.

Current jury member composition: Jens Galschiot, Joseph Lian, Kacey Wong, Kaoru Ng, Kiwi Chow

▲ Exhibition of Winning Works

Winning and shortlisted works will:

1. Be taken by our volunteers to be displayed at the top of Mount Fuji in Japan.
2. Be displayed in online and world touring exhibitions (details to be determined).
3. Be featured along with judges’ comments in the December issue of “FLOW HK” magazine.
5. Be turned into merchandise, the artist will be compensated with royalty fees.

▲ Timeline

July 5: Competition announcement and start of registration.
September 5: Deadline for submitting competition entries.
September 15: Public voting for shortlisted entries begins.
September 25: Public voting closes, and winning entries are selected.
For any questions concerning the prize, please contact libertyprize23@proton.me