香港民主女神像「和理白」Lady Liberty Hong Kong “PEACE”

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「黎明來到,持續抗爭: 12CM 香港民主女神像」

“Dawn is Neigh, Continue the Fight: 12cm Mini statue of Lady Liberty Hong Kong”

*現貨可於天后Chickeeduck 藝術生活百貨店購買*
*Walk-in purchase is now available at the Chickeeduck Tin Hau store *


香港民主女神團隊於2019年11月20日起開始一個名為「黎明來到,持續抗爭: 12CM 香港民主女神像」義賣行動。是次義賣計劃本著「黎明來到,持續抗爭」的信念,以女神像勉勵大家堅守意志莫忘初衷的同時,我們亦會把義賣所有收益用於創造一個可持續支援各界抗爭者的經濟系統。構思中的這個體系,包括各種的就業機遇支援因抗爭而失業的社運人士、不同類型的身心康復和活動以助大家暫時紓緩情緒上的壓力。因此你的支持,對抗爭者非常重要。

On 20th November, 2019, the Lady Liberty HK team launched the charity sales campaign “Dawn is Coming, Keep Fighting ”. All income from the sales will be used to stimulate the growth of a sustainable economical eco-system for all democractic supporters. The ecosystem being conceived will provide employment opportunities for under-worked protestors, offer mindful rehabilitation activities to relieve emotional stress and subsidize promotional activities spendings. Your support is vital to the livelihood of Hong Kong freedom fighters.


義賣的女神像身高 12 CM,由外地廠商透過樹脂倒模形式量產製作,並會以米白色的「和理」(PEACE) 及 仿銅色的「勇武」(COURAGE) 兩種顏色版本示人。


  1. 12CM 高女神像
  2. 黑色旗幟
  3. 女神立於獅子山 A3 海報


The mini statue of Lady Liberty HK is 12 c.m in height, cast in resin by a foreign manufacturer, and is available in two complementing finishes: “PEACE ” (White) and “COURAGE” (Bronze)

The Lady Liberty HK package includes:

  1. A 12cm tall Lady Liberty HK mini statue
  2. A black flag
  3. An A3 poster of a photograph capturing the moment Lady Liberty HK was hauled to the submit of Lion Rock, an iconic geographical landmark that represents Hong Kong.



Buyers can choose to receive the package by mail or pick it up from local outlets. Locations of the pick-up points will be announced later with emails.


2019 年夏天,香港民主女神像經網上眾籌而生。自 8.31 起,香港民主女神像都在多場民主集會出現,自至成為這場逆爭運動的重要標誌之一。女神像冀能聚集民氣,亦以不屈不撓的姿態為為抗爭者帶來希望。香港民主女神像昂首濶步,勇往直前,象徵著香港義民面對強權無懼無畏的勇氣,敢於捨身反抗的意志。其所展示的勇氣與女性的形像,亦代表著香港抗爭者勇氣與智慧,和理與勇動武並存的抗爭形態。10月13日,在一眾熱心人士幫助下,女神登上獅子山峰,與全港市民在對抗暴政、守護香港的精神上連為一線。




In the summer of 2019, the Lady Liberty Hong Kong project was created and crowdfunded online. Since 31st August, Lady Liberty HK has appeared at a succession of democratic rallies and has since become one of the landmark symbols of the movement. The statue serves as a beacon of hope to the freedom fighters with an indomitable spirit. In contrast to the conventional impression of a Goddess figure, Lady Liberty HK presents herself as a formidable, courageous warrior. As a gesture to reiterate the resilience and determination of Hong Kong citizens in demanding freedom and democracy in the city, with the assistance of a group of volunteers, the creative team behind the statue has successfully installed the Lady Liberty of Hong Kong at the top of the Lion Rock in a 4-hour mission on Saturday at midnight.

As the democractic movement stretches into the daily lives of every Hongkonger, Lady Liberty HK will be transformed into a ubiquitous symbol that reminds people of our determination to for a democractic society.

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觀塘小時光, 太古棋葩

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      Hi, we will be releasing a 15cm and 30cm version in our upcoming exhibition in Openground, Shamshuipo on the 21st. Please come see it if you have time!

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    I was wondering why the black flag is vacant? Ever thought about releasing the classic black & white flag with HK Orchid Tree or any other slogans?

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      The text is masked digitally for display, but the actual delivered flag will come with a slogan depending on your region. Thank you for your support!

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