香港民主女神像「夜光版」Lady Liberty Hong Kong “GLOW”

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限量發行200個 (己售完)

Limited edition of 200 units (Sold out)


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光照在黑暗裡,黑暗卻不接受光 (約, 1:5)
“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome” (John 1:5)

為紀念「香港民主女神」登上獅子山一周年,團隊推出「夜光版」的 15CM 女神像。
黎明來到前的夜也許總是漆黑一片,可是最壞的時代還是會見到希望。香港人, 毋忘初心, 總有一天昨日的香港終會在明日回來。

To commemorate the 1st Anniversary of Lady Liberty’s trip to the Lion Rock, the creative team at LLHK proudly presents this special edition of the 15-inch, glow-in-the-dark statue of Lady Liberty Hong Kong. The darkest hours is just before the dawn; but I promise you the dawn is coming. Never give up, let’s stand and fight for a better Hong Kong.



All income from the sales will be used to stimulate the growth of a sustainable economical eco-system for all democratic supporters. The ecosystem being conceived will provide employment opportunities for under-worked protestors, offer mindful rehabilitation activities to relieve emotional stress and subsidize promotional activities spendings. Your support is vital to the livelihood of Hong Kong freedom fighters.



  1. 夜光版15CM 高女神像
  2. 黑色旗幟
  3. 女神立於獅子山 A3 海報

The Lady Liberty HK package includes:

  1. A 15cm tall Lady Liberty HK mini statue
  2. A black flag
  3. An A3 poster of a photograph capturing the moment Lady Liberty HK was hauled to the summit of Lion Rock, an iconic geographical landmark that represents Hong Kong.
  4. A postcard illustrating and explaining the outfit of a typical protestor. (overseas customers only)
Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 21 cm

2 reviews for 香港民主女神像「夜光版」Lady Liberty Hong Kong “GLOW”

  1. Summer Chan

    Can you please let me know when the new stocks are available? Thank you

    • Lady Liberty HK

      Hi Summer, the Lady Liberty HK “GLOW” is still in stock, you can order it on our website directly.

  2. Henry

    Please notify me when the new stocks are available, thanks.

    • Lady Liberty HK

      Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately “GLOW” was a limited production and won’t be available again, but please stay tuned for upcoming new versions!

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