銀自由神守1.0 Amulet of Liberty

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吊咀尺吋:22.5mm 直徑 x 1.5mm 厚  | 925純銀 | 重八克

銀鍊長度: 可調教 40-45 cm | 925純銀

Pendant size: 22.5mm in diameter x 1.5mm thick | S925 | 8 gram

Chain length: Adjustable 40-45 cm | S925

香港設計 | Designed in HK

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英語中的amulet (護身符) 根源自拉丁語的amuletum,最早由公元前77年Pliny the Elder所寫的Naturalis Historia中紀錄,意思指一股能驅除邪惡的力量。自古以來在不同文化中,都有使用貼身飾物用作護身符的習慣,以神話故事出現的元素作為符號,希望能借助意念及製作者的精神保護配戴者,遠離苦難。


The word “amulet” stems from the Latin word amuletum, first being recorded in Naturalis Historia written by Pliny the Elder in 77BC, describing as “an object that protects a person from trouble”. The use of amulets was widespread among different cultures, depicting symbols that are unique and meaningful to their own. 

We believe Hong Kong people deserve our own symbol too; Lady Liberty HK had rallied along side with other fellow freedom fighters on the street and is imbued with their perseverence and determination. Designed as an abstracted form of Lady Liberty HK, we hope the Amulet of Liberty can bring protection and faith to its wearer. 

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  1. Kyla (verified owner)

    Simple but elegant design, very nicely made.

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